About Kees Draait Door and the noble art of doing business


Welcome on my website. My name is Kees van Meurs and I live in the east part of Holland. When you take a look at the video ‘pearls of vinyl’ made by Sacha Barraud, you see what I look like in person.

Besides dealing with music, I like to spend as much time as possible with my family and my two real ‘pearls’ Izzy & Jazzlin, ‘cause in the end life is all about loving and sharing!


Collecting & selling lp’s, cd’s, art, vintage stuff and other lifetime collections

I am collecting pop/rock/jazz/folk/blues/classical lp’s for decades but started selling them only ‘few’ years ago in 2004 on Ebay. I love to buy (large) collections, so I end up with too many lp’s I do not want myself and in the last 15 years I created a large network of different professions that makes shure I can rid of all lp’s I buy! Part of my ‘mission’ in life is to make shure that lifetime collections are treated with the respect they deserve and that all the items end up with new owners who enjoy listening to it! So when I buy your collection, some will be sold on Ebay and to foreign shops and some will be donated to be sold on ‘fleemarkets’ or just given away for free!

I always try to be the best seller and not to ‘overgrade’ my lp’s and covers like so many sellers do..! I am proud to have a 100% positive feedback on Ebay and to be honest; I deserve it! (Check out my ebay identity: keesdraaitdoor)

I also try to be the best buyer by giving more than a fair price and because of my large network I can always offer you more than other buyers who are only interested in buying the ‘valuable’ lp’s and end up ‘cherry-picking’ from your collection. I am still working ‘part-time’ to make shure all my expenses are covered so I don’t have to make a living from selling lp’s! That enables me to live according to the only economic principle that makes me happy; buy expensive and sell cheap!

Few years ago I also started collecting classical cd’s and getting a little bit bored… or is it passionate…I also end up buying art and vintage stuff I like and a few lifetime collections nobody appreciates.

Please call me or send me a mail when you think you have interesting stuff to sell or when you just anted to say ‘hi’!

Thanx and cheers


Kees Draait Door

Officially registered company

Private adres: Klarendalseweg 200, 6822 GJ Arnhem, Holland (Europe)
Companyname:Kees Draait Door
Office adress: v.Oldenbarneveldtstraat 90, 6827AN Arnhem
Telephone: 0031(0)648271528
Email: keesdraaitdoor@hotmail.com
Chamber of Commerce: 09140403
Tax number/Eori: NL1400.33.208b01