About Keesdraaitdoor and my business

Welcome, you found my website and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kees and i live in the east part of Holland (in Europe, near Denmark) and when you take a look at the video made by Sacha Barraud ‘pearls of vinyl’… you see what i look like in person.

Collecting & selling lp’s

I am collecting pop/rock/jazz/folk/blues/classical lp’s for decades but started selling them only few year ago in 2004 on ebay. I started selling classical lp’s i do not want myself but later on also rolling stones bootlegs, progressive music, folk and jazz. I always try to be the best seller and not to “overgrade” my lp’s and covers like so many sellers do…..! I am proud to have a 100% positive feedback on ebay and to be honest: i deserve it!
I love lp covers so i decided to use them to make a website with my private collection. A small part of my private collection i am willing to sell because i realize i have no time to listen to all of them and i find so many new lp’s that i always have enough i can listen to and i am not addicted in having and keeping as you might be!! The price depends on how much i paid myself and what it will cost me to ‘replace’ it but i am open to negotioations and you can always lower the price by sending me highly collectable items in ex++/nm condition (i will give up to 50% of the market value as a discount on my item).

please send me a mail when you think you have interesting stuff to sell!

Thanx and greetz


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